What to Consider in Becoming an Oil and Gas Landman

by Quinn Zraley

Becoming a professional oil and gas landman begins in realizing that you desire to be one. The moment you thought about this, it does not end from there. It pays a lot to do your own research as to how you would like to be a part of the oil and gas industry. While there might be just a few resources in the internet that you can take advantage of in researching for this endeavor, here are some helpful things to consider in the vision of landing a job in this industry. Take the following tips as guidelines in pursuing this career.

In the past, it is not a requirement for a person to become a landman to furnish certifications or a bachelor’s degree. However, since we are now living in a more competitive environment where competition is always prioritized in any business, regardless of its nature, it is best to have the most appropriate skills that serve as qualifications in becoming a professional petroleum landman. While not all of these qualifications are requirements to become a landman, many companies look for these in every candidate that they assess.

Preferably, a candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in science or business. Four-year study in a university is what most companies are looking for. Good interpersonal skills coupled with excellent communication skills are also needed to ensure favorable relationships among workers and bosses. Having keen eyes and being observant to details can also be plus points for a candidate. Above anything else, possessing knowledge in work ethics matters most. Any company would not like the idea of having employees who cannot handle their jobs properly.

Of course, it is still the prerogative of the company as to whether they will accept a candidate that is merely driven by determination even if he lacks in terms of the given initial qualifications. But then again, do not simply expect companies to think this way. It is very ideal to be prepared before facing this kind of industry. Always remember that the oil and gas industry has its own difficult times that are best encountered by those who have experiences and further knowledge in pertinent concerns. Even if you have the eagerness to learn in the workplace itself, this is particularly not enough, especially in the eyes of company managers and owners, because it is a risk to begin with.

You can take big steps in making yourself more valuable in the eyes of oil and gas firms. By means of furthering your education in the fields related to this industry, you can rest assured that you will hone your knowledge in the matters concerning this industry in no time. Take your time on investing in knowledge and experience. Needless to say, gaining practice as an entry-level employee can also be a great help. The longer you stay in a company, the better you will gain the experiences you need in this field.

One of the best regions of the country to get started as a landman is in the Permian Basin of West Texas.  Companies are always looking for a landman in Midland, Texas.

Once you are ready to face the interview process as a standard procedure in entering the industry, you can achieve your goal of becoming a landman without any trouble. Maintain a good posture while radiating confidence at all times. Make sure that your resume tells everything about your knowledge in this field as well as the experiences that you have already gained.

At the end of the day, knowing that you can contribute to the oil and gas industry will let you function with poise and dedication at work. Consider the given pointers as you pave the way on becoming a professional landman and contributing to the workforce with the help of your knowledge and experiences.

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